Monday, December 26, 2011

wolf head

i got a wolf for christmas to keep my head and hands warm. 
so far, it's doing a good job and i never take it off.
christmas was so great this year. i'll share more of that tomorrow... 
tanner went back to boise last night and i stayed in utah for a 
wedding i'm shooting today at the salt lake temple. 
i might add, that it's nearly 50 degrees in utah. at the end of december.
but, i can't complain because it's snowing in mccall and i'll be there
for new years. hooray!


  1. don't you just love animal hats? i certainly do! so cute and warm :)

  2. haha wow so hilarious! i saw some like that at claires. too funny. i had no idea you were a photogrpaher! you're shooting a wedding? awesome!


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