Wednesday, March 28, 2012

oh the spring

you know what amazes me? nature. especially during the spring. in the dead of winter i'll look at the trees and just think, there's no way these can grow leaves. they look so.. dead. there's this tree in particular in our front yard that i thought for sure was dead. but yesterday i noticed the little buds starting to sprout on the ends of it's branches. amazing. i love the spring so much. i get really happy seeing flowers popping up and the trees getting greener. i especially love blossoms on trees. the smell brings back so many memories of my dad taking me on walks. he would lift me up to pick my favorite blossoms and then we'd put them in a glass of water when we got home. i loved those days. and i love that i get to relive those days with tanner now.


  1. OMG! I have that shirt! Love how you styled it!

  2. Does that mean Tanner lifts you up so you can pick the blossoms?


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