Monday, May 28, 2012

ilove iphone memorial day

the boys picking the winning horses
 drew was prepared!
 birthday dinner for the birthday boy!

 today was a good day! tanner was finally feeling better and was able to leave the couch. the poor boy has been living on that thing. we aren't 100% sure what was wrong with him, but we think he has mono. he has never been one to sleep a lot but lately he's been sleeping 13+ hours a night. and then is sleepy all day. not like him at all but i love the extra cuddle time.
it was drew's birthday today and to celebrate he wanted to go to the horse races. the weather was awesome and there were a lot of people there. the boys put bets on the horses but they ended up losing more than they won. i guess it was to be expected since neither had ever been to a race before :)
after the races tanner and i did some shopping and got the car washed. then we picked up drew for his birthday dinner. we went back to that good bbq restaurant, mickey rays, because it felt fitting for memorial day. we had been telling drew about how good the ribs were and i was quite excited to eat them again. sadly when we were ready to order, we were told they were out of ribs. bummmmmerrrrr. of course what we ordered was still really good :)
hope you all had a great memorial day!



  1. LOVE the name of this post! so cute! great pictures! you have such beautiful hair!


  2. so did you guys win any money? haha that's so funny drew wanted to do that on his birthday. thank you SO MUCH for taking care of my hubby while i was away! you guys really made me feel better about him having a happy birthday :) love the pics and everything!

    1. i think tanner won like, $5 and drew around $11 or something.. but they didn't make any profit haha. we'll all have to go do something fun when you get back!

  3. Sit on Tanner Dame! Mono! No!!! Tell him to rest now or end up like me...sorry I get a little dramatic when I here the mono word. Get better soon!

    1. haha he's doing a lot better, now we are confused and don't know what in the world was wrong with him. now he's sleepy but doesn't sleep well. and that boy won't go to the doctor to get checked out!

  4. how fun! glad you had such a good time and entertained little drewy while his wifey was away. also - killah loot from china! those pants for working out are rad. i need. your arms look ripped ps.


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