Thursday, June 21, 2012

ilove iphone

 summer salmon dinners
 before and after kitchen table
 table centerpiece
 i finally tried something new to my hair! thanks pinterest!
 proof boys working hard laser ingraving
 happy father's day to my hairy dad
 i tried winning tickets from the radio station to see justing bieber.. dream crushed.
 pick up sticks. 
our partly dead tree is a pain. it's always dropping sticks in our yard.
 at fork for dinner
 this raccoon has been hanging around. i almost hit the poor guy when i was driving.
 every afternoon craving


finally catching up my life through iphone pictures. life still hasn't slowed down and it won't for awhile. i just can't wait to get out of here next friday and have a break! i saw my good friend, alyse "essig" from high school tonight! we were joking about how it's hard to use some our girlfriends from high schools married names, hers being one of them. her sister just had a baby and she is here visiting her and helping out. i can't explain how great it was catching up with alyse. i think so highly of her.. so highly that before i even starting dating tanner, i wanted to set those two up. turns out i wanted him for myself :) alyse, i love you and i'm so glad we can just pick up where we left off!


  1. Somehow I missed this post!! But (this is weird) I googled my name and your post was one of the first things that came up! :) haha... I love you!!! I can't believe so much time has already passed since we got together.. But that is what is great... Time can pass, and it doesn't really matter :) xo


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