Thursday, December 6, 2012

now it is christmas

 my momma made this for me. she carved the wood and painted and everything! wish i had a little of her in me...

we put up our tree last night and when tanner walked out of our bedroom this morning he said, "now it feels like christmas." tanner initially was being a little scroogie-like and didn't want a tree since we won't be home on christmas, so i was glad that his reaction was a good one today. thank goodness my mother in law had an extra one ;) we had fun buying a few decorations and now we get to add a few more every year.
well, we're counting down the days to thailand! we will be visiting cambodia and vietnam as well. this year has been a blessing of travels and it won't stop until february.. i think. everytime i think we're about to stay put, we go somewhere else. we have two days to be home from thailand and then we're off to canada and then vegas a couple weeks after that. it has been so much fun and we have had awesome experiences. i also can't wait to settle and start a little family :) that will be an experience in itself i am sure!


  1. I love your christmas tree and christmas decorations!
    Oh, and what a fun journey you have ahead, sounds very exciting :)
    Enjoy all you can!
    xoxo, The Brazilian Way of Life

  2. yay so pretty! i got jimmy that squirrel ornament haha! i am so glad you're blogging again- i've missed you.

  3. ps- you guys are so busy and having fun traveling that is so awesome! i can't wait to hear about your next adventure! and when ya gonna join the baby club? haha. i can't believe i'm about to have mine! ahhhhh!


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