Monday, January 13, 2014

new years eve

 new years eve was SO fun. i'm not one who likes loud music, crowds, dancing, or staying up late. can we say party pooper? all together now! PARTY POOPER! but this year was different. i was totally ready to go to bed at 10 but tanner made me stay up. we went out to the main deck where the party was and i actually loved it. i actually danced. i was actually okay with the crowd and loud music. tanner got us a pina colada to celebrate harder haha. i even wanted to jump in the pool. and i kind of wish i would have. YOLO.

 here's to 2014!

 this one is just for good measure. these professional photos on the boat crack me up so i had to sneak one of tanner getting his picture taken.


  1. hahaha. tanner getting his picture taken by himself..
    cracks me up!!
    well that NYE looked like a goood time!!! how fun!! and i would have def. jumped in that pool with you. sometimes.. yolo is the only way to go . hahah.
    ps.. you make modest look hottest. HOW?! amazing.

  2. darlene you are so cute! i loved catching up on your blog! i am so glad you enjoyed the cruise. you sound a lot like me when it comes to "partying" hahaha. i also loved reading your posts about ivory and venting. i'm with ya every word girl! see you soon :)


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