Wednesday, August 27, 2014

painted hills

tanner and i set out on a road trip through oregon earlier in august. there is a campaign right now to increase tourism to oregon called "the seven wonders of oregon" and we made it to all of the wonders in a week. a lot of time was spent driving in a RV we rented from craigslist but at least the drive was beautiful. our first stop was the painted hills. i had never heard of them before but man, they're beautiful. we were afraid we wouldn't see anything because it was getting dark as we got there. instead we got to see them in the most beautiful lighting with the sun setting and the moon rising. there was no one else there which made it very peaceful. we got a few photos before it got too dark. then, i put the settings on my camera to bring in as much light as possible which made blurry photos (no tripod) but i love the way they turned out for some reason. maybe because it was really dark and i thought it was incredible that a camera could do that, or because they look like film, but i just love them. that night we just pulled off into a rest stop in the middle of nowhere and slept in the RV. normally that would freak me out, but i felt safe and sound in that ol' 94 RV. 



  1. must have been amazing to see the painted hills when the sun set! gorgeous!! you are such a babe!

  2. gosh. the painted hills are unreal. i need to go! BEAUTIFUL!


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