Thursday, August 28, 2014

smith rock

the cool thing about the painted hills and smith rock, was that they were truly hidden gems in oregon. i had never heard of these places until their seven wonders campaign. both times, i thought we were getting lost and our gps didn't know where it was going and then we would stumble upon our destination and be in awe. smith rock is known for it's rock climbing, which we obviously didn't do. we just walked along some of the paths but didn't do any major hike. i was curious to see how cuba would do because i've noticed she is already slowing down and becoming a lazy bulldog. she did pretty well but pooped out for hours afterward. i always get worried when she starts panting really hard because their breed are known to over heat easily so i'm always trying to get her shade and water and for somewhere cool to lay her belly on. i loved having her with us even though it was a little hard sometimes figuring out what to do with her. there was no way i would leave her in the RV when we wanted to do things and luckily enough, oregon is the most dog friendly place on the planet. that helped a LOT.



  1. gorgeous shots dar! haha yea its a good thing oregon is so dog friendly :)

  2. holy bananas this place is unreal! beautiful pics!


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