Sunday, November 2, 2014

the philippines // day 2

 ^we woke up to a beautiful sunny day. i thought the island was pretty with clouds, but a bluebird day was something else. the colors on the island were so vibrant. we went on a morning run, saw some rice fields, lots of adorable kids going to school, got all sweaty, then ran into the ocean to cool off. i loved the feeling of going into warm water and being able to stay in it without ever getting cold. it was a nice change from boise's freezing rivers and lakes. we had another delicious breakfast and then tanner and i walked around the island for a little bit before we left to our next destination. i was sad to leave so quickly but i didn't know what was in store next. 

^this is el nido. it was incredible. i think all of our mouths dropped when we arrived. it was dusk and the water was calm. the mood was so zen.. which was nice because to get there was a 4 hour drive of winding roads and bumps.. i had to lay down for most of it which was unfortunate because what i did see, was gorgeous. we were treated to a dinner of a roasted pig and rice. the hospitality of the philippines was unreal. with a belly full of pork, i crashed in our beach cottage. 


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