Sunday, December 7, 2014

thanksgiving // mexico

we went to rocky point, mexico for thanksgiving. tanner and i had been there a couple times before about this time of year and it was always too cold to really hang out at the beach and pool. we got really lucky with weather in the lower 80's and were able to take full advantage of the sun. we flew into phoenix really late the night before thanksgiving and drove two hours to ajo to stay the night and drove the final two hours in the morning. we brought cuba with us and she was awesome on the plane and had the best time at the beach. i wish i got pictures of her and my brother in laws dog playing because it was hysterical. the beach was like a huge dog park and she made a lot of friends. we had our traditional thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings and enjoyed it on the patio of the condo overlooking the pool and ocean. we rented razors one evening and went crazy around the sand dunes. i had major whip lash for a few days afterward but it was super fun. we also went on a short 15 minute ride on a water weenie in the ocean. i didn't want to go, because i don't like tubing.. but i couldn't stop laughing! we didn't go very fast and i still had a hard time holding on but it was fun! as always, we went into town for tacos and drank our fair share of mexican coke. but my favorite tacos were ones that we made at the condo. we got fresh shrimp from the market and had authentic mexican cheese and tortillas. they were SO good. we definitely didn't go hungry on our trip. we ate a lot of shrimp because it was ridiculously good and on steroids. i got to meet my nephew, rockwell and that chunk is the cutest thing ever. i couldn't get enough of him. my niece, mccall was also there and i need to keep a journal of the funny things she says. she's a hoot and had a laughing the whole weekend. 

i have a lot to be thankful for. i felt spoiled going on this trip because, it wasn't needed, but i took advantage of it. i enjoyed being with family. i married into a wonderful family and i love getting to spend time with them. they're the best and i thank my lucky stars that i have them. i hope you all had a great thanksgiving!



  1. this trip looked epic. happy thanksgiving!

  2. well this just looks amazing!! what a fun thanksgiving! it makes me happy to see cuba in these shots hehehe i love it.

  3. looks like an amazing time! love these pics :) so happy


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