Wednesday, March 11, 2015

switzerland // lauterbrunnen and interlaken

 we arrived to lauterbrunnen around 9 in the evening and it was dumping snow. i felt like we were in a gorgeous snow globe and there couldn't have been a better welcome for us! we walked around our  quaint town in the peace and quiet and enjoyed watching the snow fall. 

since we arrived late at night, we had no idea what a beautiful canyon we were staying in. we had 360 degrees of beautiful views.

 ^real life!!

 we had all of sunday to recover from our jet lag. we slept 12 hours straight! we headed into interlaken to walk around the town. i wasn't really interested in seeing interlaken because the reviews didn't make it sound very cool but i loved it! the old part was beautiful and exactly what i pictured switzerland to be. it was cold, but we dressed for it and stayed pretty warm. i wanted a hot chocolate but it was like $6 for a pint sized cup so i passed. we skimped on food because it was expensive. we ate meats and cheeses and breads for 5 days straight, literally. that's all we ate. and chocolate of course! i never got sick of our meals either even though we had the same things 3 times a day. it was kind of fun to eat in bed, picnic style. i'm sure all my posts are going to be obsessing over how much i love switzerland, but i truly love it so much. i can't describe the feeling i have of that sweet country. it's amazing and i'm grateful for the opportunities that have allowed us to travel there!

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