Tuesday, August 18, 2015

antigua // guatemala

^view from our balcony

 we arrived in anitgua in the late afternoon and were feeling quite tired from the traveling so far. i wish we had more time just to hang out in our air bnb spaces because we had some good ones. this one had a lot of spanish charm and a beautiful view of a volcano. we took tuk tuks into the city after resting for a quick minute. we walked around the pretty colored streets and through the main square. we walked to the famous arch and over to a colorful local market where we bargained for some goods. they were not very easy to bargain with! they stood their ground and didn't hardly budge on prices. in the end, i did get a blanket which was what i wanted most. 

i was intrigued by the charm of this city. i loved it! it had cobble stone streets and colorful buildings and people wearing the authentic dress. i love traveling with tanner but it was fun being there with other people. hopefully some day i will get back to guatemala to spend more time there and see more of the country! 

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