Saturday, August 22, 2015

el salvador // last day

i will post about our second and third day next because i still have to go through my photos to decide which to post. i have so many photos! our purpose for this trip was to do service in el salvador which we did the second and third day there. these photos were taken on our last day spent at the beach house. we literally did nothing, all day. it was quite nice. we swam, retrieved fresh coconuts and mangos from the trees, ate papusas, and ended the day with a fire on the beach. we felt secluded to our beach house since there wasn't a whole lot around us. we woke up early the next morning to head home and i experienced something at the airport that really frustrated me. we went through security and then they had a second security check at our gate. they went through everything in our bags and took a few of my liquid cosmetic products, even though they were under 3 oz. i was frustrated because they weren't cheap products. replaceable, yes. but still.. i got in an argument with them and they said they had to take them since they weren't in a ziplock bag. my makeup bag practically is ziplock bag.. it's clear with a  zipper. they put my items in the garbage and said i can't have them. i went to vent to tanner and the girls we were with and one of them had a ziplock bag. i took it and went back to the security check telling them i want my items. at first, they said i couldn't and i started getting worked up. finally, they let me grab them, myself, out of the garbage. they did the same thing to another girl we were with and i gave her the ziplock bag after i got my items. she went to do the same thing, but they wouldn't let her get her things back. super annoying. i watched as locals went through the gate check and they were given, GIVEN ziplock bags if they had liquid items. i will now always have the little silly baggies with me now when i travel. 


  1. loved catching up on your blog and all your fun travels! such gorgeous photos! thanks for sharing :)

  2. I am sorry they can be so nasty at the airport. If you are traveling back to the US they are looking for drugs mostly so I don't understand the big deal with liquids. It is an excuse to confiscate things they will take home because trust me, they don't throw anything away and those officials make about $300 dollars a month. Sad! Be careful with your camera equipment. Some countries will not allow you to bring them in and you have pay a fee/ or tax or you may have to kiss them goodbye.


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