Monday, August 31, 2015

el salvador // service projects

during our time in el salvador, we participated in three service projects. the first one was assisting with giving eye exams to over 1,000 children. if they needed glasses or an eye surgery, it would be free due to the donation that proof made. it was super hot that day. 
the second service project was helping build 19 homes that were destroyed by a tidal wave. these 19 families were living together with barely anything. they basically had a roof over their head with absolutely no personal space. the materials needed to build their homes were provided by proof. we also provided pinatas, games, and snacks for the children. i was told it was the most exciting thing that they have done in a long time.  it was super duper hot that day. 
later in the evening, after we did what we could with the homes, we went to distribute cocoa trees to a small community. these trees will help provide an additional source of income as they can bake things using them. there was a celebration for the trees and everyone seemed to be having a good time and then i noticed that the people started getting anxious as the sun was setting. el salvador is becoming more dangerous and apparently they all wanted to be home before dark.. makes me grateful i don't really have to think like that. and, it had finally cooled off a bit. 
i must say, i have been in charge of filming and taking photos for two events this last summer that could have been such an amazing emotional experience for me... but i'm embarrassed to say that they weren't. i have noticed that as soon as the camera is in front of my face, my mind switches gears and i am now "working." not being a part of what is going on, but working. i need to work on that. i see people get really attached to their work and i think that is so special. i feel attached while i am editing and when the finished product is complete, but not so much during. i am so grateful for these experiences though and that i get to be a part of them. definitely an eye opener.

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  1. so amazing. You guys are doing so much GOOD!!
    so many pictures just tuggged at my heart.... i'm a sucker for sweet little brown skinned children


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