Friday, September 11, 2015

glacier national park // 1st day

i filmed a wedding in eureka, montana last summer and was taken away by how beautiful northern montana was. actually, the whole drive from boise was gorgeous and just got prettier the further north i went. since then, tanner and i had planned on heading back up so we could check out glacier national park. holy, insane. we both agreed that it was the most beautiful place we both had been.. and that's saying something if you know how obsessed i am with switzerland. every turn had us both wide eyed and looking at each other going, this is crazy. we stopped off to do some fishing and although they were tiny, they were biting so that's always fun. the water was such a gorgeous blue color with pine trees and waterfalls addressing the background. we only had five hours of daylight and enough time to basically drive through to cananda. we wanted to see waterton first thing in the morning so we camped on the canandian side and got eaten by misquitos. besides that, the sunset was beautiful and we slept great. 

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  1. you're so cute. gosh this place looks gorgeous i gotta go there!


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