Sunday, November 6, 2016

baby shower // april 2016

 ^the best women i know! i have all the love in the world for them!

 ^i didn't think i got chubby in my face until i look back at photos and see that i was 

i got really emotional the morning of my baby shower. a lot of it was hormones, another part was being tired, and then another part was because i was running late. crystal and i went to set up at the clubhouse and i felt like it went smoothly. then i went home to get ready only to have tanner make a comment about my outfit that i didn't take well and that was enough for me to start crying. then we went back to the clubhouse to finish up the food and next thing i knew, we were way late and people were showing up and it wasn't ready. i realized afterward that i was a little over my head thinking i could do it ALL. but it obviously all worked out. 


i was really looking forward to planning my baby shower for florence.  i put more time and thought into it then i did my own wedding and love the way it turned out. i wanted it to be special and in a way to celebrate not only the new baby coming, but to honor the one that was lost. i didn't get to have one for ivory (honestly thankful for that) but it just made me want this one to me even more special. i spent a lot of time on pinterest and way too much time tying feathers to cups, but i wanted it to be perfect. plus, it made the last few weeks of pregnancy go by faster. i had so many people offer to throw me a shower and something about that feels funny to me.. i knew i was going to be picky and didn't want to put that pressure on anyone else. but i'm i love them for offering! i did accept it when people offered to bring food and help clean up ;) the food was SO good and everyone was way to thoughtful with their gifts. i remember putting all of her gifts in the nursery and just felt so much love for all my dear friends and family. crazy to think florence has been with us for almost 7 months now. i look back at my pregnancy photos and reminisce on all the time i spent thinking about her and wondering what she would look like and curious about her temperament. she's the best! 


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