Monday, March 27, 2017

havana, cuba - day 1 // dame family trip 2017

When we landed in Havana, Cuba, we were waiting for our bags (over an hour, no joke) and got talking with other Americans. One gentleman told us that this was his 3rd time in Cuba and was asking about our itinerary. We told him we were staying in Havana for two nights and he said that was too long and that there wasn't much to see. He recommended leaving Havana earlier if we could. Not exactly what we were hoping for but after spending time there, we loved it and would go back in a heartbeat.  Havana had so much color and culture and life to it. Classic cars roamed the streets and although it was run down, it was very clean. The locals treated us kindly and were excited to see Americans. We spent our first day in the rain walking around the city. We got to know the area pretty well and there was a kind of romanticism to it. We took it slow and easy. Found a delicious bakery that we took one too many trips to throughout our time there. It was a Sunday and unexpectedly quiet and a lot of places were closed. 

We stayed right in the heart of Havana on Obisbo street in the cutest airbnb. The location was wonderful... sleeping was not. We have never been ones to stay out late so we turned in around 8. The issue was, the noise in the streets and bars didn't stop until after midnight. It was LOUD. Then we were woken up around 3 in the morning to screaming and yelling.. I'm pretty sure a fight broke out.. and then shortly after we were woken up again to dogs barking. The beds were not the most comfortable but the apartment was cozy and clean. One thing to note about Cuba is that water and produce is a little hard to come by. When you find it, stock up! 

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