Friday, April 27, 2012

how to get the perfect "smokey eye"

I love to get all dressed up when I go out at night. Sometimes, I have more fun getting ready than I actually do being at the event I got ready for. But my outfit never feels complete unless my makeup is up to par. Here's a simple way I like to make my eyes pop and stand out, known as the "smokey eye."

These colors do work for all eye colors, but you may want to make some alterations depending on what looks best on you. I have dark brown eyes so I tend to wear darker shades of eye shadows. If you have blue or green eyes, you can definitely wear dark colors, just go a bit lighter to make your beautiful eye color stand out.

I usually put on all of my foundation and blush to begin with.

Step 1: Apply some eye liner on your upper and lower lid. For the upper lid, make a thin line by staying as close to the eyelashes as possible. To make your eye appear slightly bigger, extend the eyeliner beyond your eye and give it a slight curve upward. For underneath the eye, I like to pull my lid down and put the liner on the inside.

Step 2: Use a gray or silver color for the inner and lower part of your lid. I also put some on the bottom, inner part of my eye. Always use a lighter color for this section of your eye when doing your eyeshadow to create a more "awake" look.

Step 3: Use a neutral color for your eyelid above the crease and brush from the inside outward. Also brush up into your eyebrow.

Step 4: Here comes the fun part to create the dramatic look! Using a black or dark gray eyeshadow, brush along your crease, from where your eyeliner ends into the middle of your eyelid. Go ahead and put some black shadow along your eyeliner if your feeling sassy! Continue to put some eyeshadow on the lower part of your eye, starting from the outside of the lid, working inwards.

Step 5: At this point, chances are your black eyeshadow looks a little messy so this is where we blend to bring the look together. Using a gray, or pale purple, Blend above your crease and outside of all the areas where you placed your black. Continue to blend along the bottom part of your eye.

Step 6: Put on your mascara. Some like to put it on before, but in my case, eyeshadow gets in my lashes so I save the mascara for last. And, I know it looks like I just have a black eye, BUT this is just one eye.

Step 7: Voila! Seeeee, no black eye! Continue steps 1-6 on your other eye for a rockin, ready to party makeup look!

Here is what I use.. nothing too fancy.

1. Maybelline "Define-A-Line" soft black: $5-6

2. I don't know the brand, but I picked it up from Wal-Mart. "Shimmer Strips, Smoky Brown Eyes:" $5-7

3. Maybelline "Expert Wear" Chai Latte: $4-5

4. Mac "Black Tied" and "Flirty Number:" $13-15 each

5. Maybelline "Define-A-Lash" Very Black: $5-6

And, just in case you're wondering about my foundation and blush.. and lipgloss.

1. Bare Minerals "Medium Beige and Warmth:" together around $45

2. Clinique "Assorted Blushes:" $20

3. Revlon "Peach Petal:" $7

If you're not comfortable with wearing a lot of make-up, don't! The amount you put on can be altered and still have the same effect. And, of course, if you want a more dramatic look then put on more. I hope that this was some help and I'd love to hear some feedback! Especially for those of you with different colored eyes than brown; what colors would you recommend? Do any of you use a special technique? Share! We'd all love to hear it!


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