Thursday, April 26, 2012

viewer discretion advised

 the scab is where the melanoma was found
 all numbed up and ready to go
 this is them explaining to me the procedure.. i kept my arm over my eyes after this
 these two are the greatest dermatologists, i wish they were in boise!

and now i'm warning you..

turn away if you don't want to see the chunk they took.

you ready??

and now i have a frankenstein leg. the procedure went well. i love my doctors! they kept me laughing and helped keep my mind on other things. crystal was there to hold my hand. she isn't as wussy as me and was able to watch. she would say an occasional, "oh, wow... ooooh wow." her eyes would get big and then she would pat my hand and say everything was going great. i'm sooo grateful she was there. they put me on some pain killers which didn't sit well with me today. i felt queasy all day and very lightheaded. not the funnest day, but i've been pampered with ice cream, oreos, and root beer floats. i get to go back in for a full body check tomorrow morning to keep tabs on my other silly moles. and hopefully they will have the report of whether this has spread or not. the doctors were pretty confident that it hadn't so i'm grateful for that. i feel like i've been dragging this melanoma thing out in my posts, but this is a big deal for me. it's something i always have worried about, but truly didn't think it would happen. i even joked about it all the time saying lighthearted things like, "i know i have cancer. i'm going to die from it someday." 
jokes on me.


  1. I had melanoma last year! It was off my arm, I had 12 staples in my arm and 9 under my armpit where they took out lymph nodes. It's a big deal!!! I'm glad you got it taken care of. Just make sure to take your pain meds and nausea meds religiously cause this surgery is gonna throw you for a loop for the next month or so!
    Here is the link to my melanoma pics, pretty gruesome like yours!


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