Wednesday, April 25, 2012

thanks chan!

i took these from my friend chantelle's blog. she says we are the world's cutest couple.. and i couldn't agree more haha. check her blog out for some of the best fashion! it really is my favorite clothing blog. she has awesome taste and creativity! well, i'm off to utah to get my silly mole thing taken care of.. my first mole to not scar, is now going to be my worse scar... oh life.


  1. Awww, you are a very cute couple! I agree!! ;)

  2. Whoa! Love the outfit! You look so summery and especially with the subtle hairpiece, good luck with the mole;)

  3. I'm obsessed with you guys! Good Luck!

  4. haha. tanner is shrinking - where'd all his bulky muscles go?! you guys are adorable.

  5. i know! he needs to get to the gym. i miss his muscles haha. it's all this juicing.. he's gotten addicted! i would rather eat. :)

    1. i could not agree more. food is just too good to water down!


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