Monday, April 23, 2012


these photos were taken when i was in utah. my family had easter dinner on monday so i could be there. i treated myself to whatever i wanted to eat that week because i knew that i would be starting a juice "cleanse" with tanner when i got home. so about this juice cleanse, my brother and sister in law, brooks and cristi, told us about the documentary "fat, sick, and nearly dead." one night we decided to watch it. it is soooooo motivating! there were two guys who did a 60 day juice fast (one went longer!) and not only did they lose a TON of weight, their health issues were practically gone and they had all the energy in the world. they have a 10 day challenge that they ask the viewers to try. so try we did. we bought a juicer, stocked our fridge with fruits and veggies, and juiced 3 times a day for our meals. today is our 8th day, and tanner is still going strong.. i am not. i pooped out last night. i'm glad to say i made it 7 days though! i feel accomplished. alllll i could think about was food! it was ridiculous! i pinned everything i wanted to eat all throughout the day, just so i could eat it when i was done. the first 3 days were fine. i was dying on the 4th. and the 6th. and the 7th. then i called it quits. i wasn't feeling energized, although i wasn't sleepy. i just didn't have the strength or motivation to do normal things. (i even had to stop during..... play time.... and apologize to tanner that i needed a quick break) i WOULD recommend it as a cleanse though. my body feels good. not to mention it is a very quick and healthy way to shed a few pounds. tan and i have each lost 10 pounds so far. and yes, i will consider that a brag. now it just trying to maintain this weight, which will be hard since i really want to make all those meals i pinned. anyways, give it a shot. haha


  1. you have to give me the link! I want to try it! you look amazing and SO thin!

  2. these are cute. you guys should watch the documentary forks over knives.. it will give a whole new view on food

  3. I want the link and/or recepies too! :)

    1. of course! i think i'll do a post on all the info :)

  4. i LedOL at "play time." good for you for going 7 days though! that's awesome!!

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