Sunday, April 22, 2012

i am

i saw this on my friend, alyses, blog and since it's sunday, with not much to do.. i wanted to fill one out :) alyse does this yearly and i thought i'd be fun to see how life changes. 
i am  darlene leanne dame
i think about our future home and family
i am happy when i'm with tanner and with good food
i have cravings for pasta almost daily
i miss living in midway
i fear of tanner dying before me
i feel super hungry
i smell my fresh picked blossoms :)
i usually have food on my mind
i search for ways to get people to my video website
i wonder if i can finish the last three days of this juice fast
i regret not being focused my first two years of college
i love a lot
i care a lot
i tell tanner my dreams every morning and i know he doesn't care
i worry about my skin
i am not daring
i remember moments when i was alone and watching sunsets while just.. thinking
i believe in the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints
i sing to myself
i don’t always have the energy i wish i had
i don’t like juicing vegetables
i write mainly in my blog
i win when i can be a help to someone
i lose when i'm selfish
i dance NEVER
i wish i was better at writing "thank you" notes and showing my appreciation for others
i never will like to play nintendo, wii, xbox.. ect. 
i listen to pandora non stop
i don't understand why some people feel inclined to state their negative opinions
i can usually be found content at home
i need to paint my nails
i forget how much work having a yard is
tanner and i have been on a 10 day juice fast/cleanse. today is our seventh day and in case you haven't noticed.. i'm really hungry. i almost threw in the towel yesterday and quit but tanner somehow kept me going although i caved a little and ate a tootsie roll.  i've been pinning a lot of recipes that i can't wait to make once were done, but looking at all the food makes me miss it a lot haha. this cleanse has been harder than i thought it would be.



  1. Yes! I'm so glad you did this :) Dude, your fast sounds tough!! I don't think I could... I bet I could go 3 days--tops. If that. Man, you are awesome.

  2. what a fun list to get to know you better. i had to give it a shot too,

    ps, what type of juice fast are you doing? i've been thinking of giving one a try...

  3. This was fun to read. Great job with the juice fast I only lasted two meals so you should be proud.

  4. hahaha! man i can't believe you guys are actually doing it, good job! i couldn't. i would have to try again and make something yummy. drew said tanner looked thin! is he losing all his big muscles? haha.

    1. i thought it was hard. i have zeroooo will power. tanner is looking thinner! i want him to bulk up! haha


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