Thursday, April 19, 2012

watch yo' self

i had a mole removed last week on my shin and i really didn't think too much of it. i watched it appear, and grow over the last year and thought it was time to get rid of it. it's a good thing i did because on monday i got a call from my dermatologist telling me it was melanoma skin cancer. well first, i got a voicemail from my dad saying he received a call from my dermatologist and all he knew it that it wasn't good news. i immediately started to cry and panic a little. tanner calmed me down and said i didn't really know what was going on so i should just wait to hear from the doctor. i kept myself busy in the kitchen that morning but i guess tanner knew i was extremely bothered because he hugged me and i broke down. i cried really really hard. he had to leave for work so i jumped in the shower to give me something to do. i heard my phone ring so i jumped right back out and it was the doctor. he told me the bad news is that the mole was melanoma but the good news is that it was in situ. soooo what is situ? it's stage 0 cancer, meaning, the cancer hasn't spread and it most likely won't. i have to get a minor surgery this wednesday that will take out the surrounding skin and it's supposed to be 95% effective. that get's biopsied to make sure it hasn't spread. 
melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer and the leading cause of death from skin disease.
the only thing that really scares me know is that i am prone to moles. i have a lot of them and who knows what other ones could be cancer? it freaks me out. also, once you have melenoma, it can come back. so i have to go in for regular check ups to make sure there aren't any changes in the ones i have. 
anyways, all i can ask is for people to keep an eye on their skin. skin cancer is being diagnosed in young people more and more these days, thanks to tanning beds and our wanting to be tan. it doesn't help that i have red in my hair and my natural skin color is pretty fair so i burn easily, but either way, it's not worth it! 
be careful my friends.


  1. good luck on wednesday! i am sorry to hear this. i hope everything goes well!

  2. We will be keeping you in our prayers. Miles and I both made appointments with the derm to get a few moles checked after reading your fb status. Keep us updated.

  3. So sorry you have to go through that. NEVER fun! Love ya Dar

  4. So hard lady! I'm sorry it scared you :( It sounds really promising though! You can now be a voice for wearing SPF and keeping out of tanning beds... Which is SO needed! Especially still with high school age girls... My husband always teases me for being sunscreen crazy like I am, but I am so prone to moles too, and it just makes me so nervous. I love you to bits! Keep us posted on the surgery!! xoxo

  5. that is so scary! now i am freaking out about my skin!!! i want to go get all my moles checked!! making an apt! i hear this same story in young girls our age more and more!

  6. thanks girls! good job chels on getting an appointment :) and i would encourage everyone to do the same.. especially if there's something that's concerning!

  7. scary dar! thanks for sharing, its important to be careful. we will have to celebrate after your surgery! STAY STRONG!

  8. That's so scary! I had to have one removed on my leg, and have to get it checked again this summer because they didn't dig deep enough and the irregular borders are returning. :/ But it's so true. A tan isn't worth it! I hope everything stays okay!


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