Friday, May 18, 2012

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I am so excited to be here with all you golden moment readers! Ever since I purchased my 50mm lens for my camera, it is practically the only lens I use. If you don't have one, I suggest that you get one. You won't regret it! I want to tell you about how to turn your 50mm lens into a macro lens, which can really give you some beautiful pictures. It is really simple all you have to do it turn the lens backwards.

So, you will first start out with your camera and lens. 

Take the camera lens off and turn it in reverse.  

You will have to hold the lens in place and make sure that your camera is in manual mode.  

You will have to move back and forth away from your subject to focus. The hard part is not moving your hands so that your photo is not blurry.  

This is how close I can get with the 50mm lens on normal. 

And this is with the lens backwards. We just moved to Hawaii and I am anxious to get some beautiful pictures using my 50mm as a macro. Check out more at my blog Leslie Leavitt Photography!


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  1. I DEFINITELY have to try this with my lens! That is so awesome!


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