Monday, May 21, 2012

me, myself, and i

i was supposed to save this for friday since i'm posting about it on howdoesshe.. but i like them so i posted early. stay tuned to find out what i'm chatting about :) 

tanner came out from china yesterday and i can't stress how good it is to have him back. but the poor kid has been sick. he got the flu while he was there and now he's really tired with possible strep throat. i wish i could have it instead of him. i shouldn't jinx myself since i probably will catch it sooner or later. i'm a magnet for illness. even through his sickness he still thought of me and brought be back some china goods!
you know i be high rollin in my new channel and rolex watches haha


  1. oooo is it going to be about head pieces and hats this summer?? :) all i know is you look lovely in all 3 of those outfits! brilliant idea to tie the bottom of your maxi skirt

    and your hubs picked some great things for you! hope he feels better soon :) and hope you don't catch it!

  2. haha awesome. i hope he didn't catch chinese bird flu!


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