Wednesday, January 23, 2013


i love elephants. 
for being such a large creature, they are quite graceful and very smart. we got to watch them paint with their trunks and i was impressed! above are some of the pieces they painted and my brother in law bought one for his daughter. we thought they would charge a lot but it was only $30. we watched them preform tricks like playing the harmonica, walk with only their front two feet, kick the soccer ball into the goal, sit and paint. we rewarded them with bananas and sugar cane. we then got to ride one, which was something i've always wanted to do. now, if i can only convince tanner to get one as a pet...


  1. INCREDIBLE. Goodness those photos are dreamy Darlene!! That first one should be sent to National Geographic. :)

    I love how they're all really fuzzy. :) And they paint?! Too cool.

  2. WHAT ELEPHANTS THAT PAINT! this is amazing, i love these pics

  3. HEHEHEHE! dude elephants are the best! i love them! these elephants have special talents! haha


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