Tuesday, January 22, 2013

long neck village

in chiangmai, thailand, we visited a long neck village. granted, it was for tourists, but traditionally they really do wear the rings around their necks and add to them every couple of years. these were some of my favorite photos that i captured on the trip. there was so much color and beauty i couldn't stop clicking. they had some of the rings set out for the tourists to try on and you wouldn't believe how heavy they are! i don't know how they can handle keeping them on all the time. we saw a daughter giving her mother a shoulder rub and was doing her best to massage under the rings and i'm sure that it felt great. i can't wait to share more pictures!


  1. Wow. How crazy/neat to see that part of another culture. And the photos you took are stunning. Good job Dar!

  2. GREAT photos, dar. i did a research project on these peeps and was disappointed with what i learned about what REALLY goes on with those necks..


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