Monday, January 28, 2013

exciting news!

no no, no baby. 
BUT, proof will be on shark tank february 15th at 7 pm! the boys filmed with shark tank last fall and we had to stay mum until we heard from them. we got the email telling us it will air and needless to say, we're all very excited! so now we can tell you all to tune in to see what's in store :) i know it's the best way for you to spend valentines weekend ;)


  1. I watch this show every once in a while and I just watched it this past weekend and thought totally thought of you guyst! So exciting, Dar! I can't wait to watch the show now!!!

  2. ok i'm a brand new follower of your blog-i love it! i'm insanely jealous you got to ride an ELEPHANT, and i freaking love your hair! and i should probs go see what this "shark tank" is, cuz it sounds like something my hubby would like..

  3. this is awesome.. and funny timing.. cause me and tuck were just watching Shark Tank this afternoon hahah . cant wait to see them on it!

  4. im guessing you got funded if you are talkin bout it haha. excited to get the dirt. my bet is fubu guy.

  5. hehe SIKE! :)

    dude hot pic. you're a babe. ps i'm MONTHS behind on there ya have it...comment party


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