Tuesday, January 29, 2013

eye of the tiger

 we went and "laid" with the tigers the same day we rode the elephants. there were signs everywhere talking about "laying" with tigers and once tanner saw that, he wouldn't stop talking about it until we went... to lay with them. haha. it felt safe, but they would never let this happen in the states. every little move they made, you felt like you had to jump away. regardless, they are beautiful animals and it would be awesome to own a baby tiger.

 trust me, this is normal. just about every time we do something, there are sunglasses ready for a photo. the boys at proof don't miss an opportunity.

 i know, i know.

 "he moved his head?! ah, jump away!" haha see what i mean?

 it was an awesome experience to visit these tigers and to ride the elephants in chaingmai, thailand, but i can't help but feel sorry for them. i mean, i know they are there for tourists like me, so i get these opportunities, but i don't like the thought of them being in cages and kept away from their families. i know that they are in good care but these are wild animals and are meant to be in the wild. i by no means am an animal activist but my feelings do hurt for them. i mean, look at that cute little guy^^^ i'm sure his mama would like to look at him and cuddle him just like i would my own babies. i hope that when all the tourists leave that they let them all out to be with each other. ooohhh i hope, i hope, i hope.



  1. Hey Darlene! Thanks for the comments. I am so jealous of all your adventures! Owning a baby tiger would be the coolest.

  2. Oh wow, what an exciting trip altogether!
    I loved these pictures, they were so beautifully taken :)
    The baby tigers just melt my heart... I know what you mean when you say your feeling got hurt... poor little guys.
    xoxo, The Brazilian Way of Life

  3. oh my adorable, this is the raddest thing eve.r what a dream. so sad seeing them all in cages though :(


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