Tuesday, February 26, 2013

bangkok, thailand

this entire temple was made from pieces of china

we had a tour bus all to ourselves

a flood of memories came back to me while i was watching the bachelor last night. i know i was just there, but it already feels like a long time ago. we stayed in bangkok for a couple days and the first day there we toured around ancient temples in the city. the temples were beautiful. they were very detailed and intricate.
to me, one of the biggest shockers in thailand was the driving rules, or lack thereof. well, driving on the other side of the road through me off, but i swear there aren't any traffic laws. people just weave in and out and go really fast and it's so busy! vietnam was worse, but thailand was still crazy. the craziest part was that i trusted all the drivers we were with. i felt like they knew what they were doing and even though we were all over the place, we made it safely to our destinations :)


  1. Ahhhh. Oh my. We always wanted to go to Thailand last year, but because of our teaching schedules we never made it over.

    It's BEAUTIFUL! Love it. You captured it so wonderfully in these pictures. Makes me want to go x10 now!



  2. agreed - vietnam is way worse, but i hear india is even more nuts haha. awesome pictures, again dar - so beautiful. bangkok is a wild place! miss thailand! ugh this is making me travel sick haha


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