Thursday, February 28, 2013

phuket, thailand

one day in thailand, we took a boat tour around the beautiful signature islands. we got off the boat several times to canoe and to go into caves. one of the caves had bats, lots of bats. these caves were really cool because they'd open up into these secluded, peaceful... areas. i don't know how to explain them.. they were just these openings in the middle of the island and it would be so quiet. we would just float there and listen to nature do it's thing. we had lunch and dinner on the boat and they sure put on a spread. after dinner, we put together our own flower boat/lanterns, went back out on the canoes, and let them float in the sea. the whole day was beautiful and one i won't forget.

and then this, this is where we stayed for 3 nights in phuket. 

*note - this post is meant to get braggy. how could it not? look where we stayed for 3 nights! my in laws got us this incredible villa over looking the ocean. we each had our own huge rooms. we had personal chefs who would make whatever we asked them to. it was some of the best food i've ever had in my life. we had masseuses come to the villa to give us hour long massages.  we basically ate and hung out for 3 days without a single care in the world. we rented scooters and putted around the island. tanner almost got hit a few times because it's so dang confusing driving on the opposite side of the road.
*i have concluded, that driving scooters on islands is one of my most favorite things to do. we only did this once before in nicaragua, and that was one of my favorite days of my life*
 this place was jaw dropping when you first walked into it. my sister in law, ana, said it perfectly when she said "i'm pretty sure the bachelor was filmed here." and we alllll know how incredible the bachelor(ettes) are treated :) 



  1. Paradise, truly. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. wow gorgeous. love the shot of the bald eagle! kinda funny how everyone is on their iphones and ipads, haha. looks dreamy!

    1. haha i had to do a double take, that is hilarious

  3. wow, the villa looks amazing!! thailand is one of my favorite places, such a pretty place!!
    kristina x

  4. This vacation sounds like a dream! My brother was just in Phuket and said he wanted to abandon his ticket home and just live on the beach forever. But his wife made him come home, haha. Great photos!

  5. gorgeous pics, dar! so rad. thailand is the best. and dude - scooters on islands are a match made in heaven.

  6. look like so much fun Darlene! I want to go to Phuket someday...Thailand has somewhat recently become a 'must. go. see' country for me.


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