Thursday, June 6, 2013

the oregon coast

we headed over to the oregon coast last weekend for a friends wedding. i haven't been to the coast in a couple of years and it was as beautiful as ever. we lucked out with perfect weather. no rain, 75 degrees, and sunshine. we spent our fist morning/afternoon at indian beach before heading into portland for the pre-wedding dinner. i didn't dare get into the cold water, i actually didn't even bring a swimsuit or anything knowing it wasn't going to happen. ana and i hung out while the boys surfed and cuba chased the birds and ate seaweed. 
 ana looked so serene, i had to take some sneaky pictures
our little girl was making an appearance this day
it was nice to get away for a weekend. it went by fast but i really enjoyed it. we rolled into the coast at 3 in the morning on friday and came back to boise around 4 in the morning on sunday. i am still trying to recover from the lack of sleep, i just don't handle it like i used too. we brought cuba with us.. i loved having her there, but sneaking a puppy into hotels is tricky. it's hard keeping a dog from barking and... pooping and peeing on the floor/maybe on the bed once or twice... she's still potty training. (i'll take any tips or tricks if you have any!) 



  1. looks like so much fun! your little belly is darling. i can't wait to watch it grow :)

  2. so beautiful! i cant wait to go next month! and dude HOW CUTE ARE YOU PREGGO? rediccck

  3. i love oregon. and you look so adorable!


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