Sunday, June 9, 2013


 we spent the morning of our friends wedding at the japanese rose gardens. oh what a dream it would be to have something like this at home! it smelled so good, even tanner liked the smell, and he doesn't care for the smell of flowers. i wish these pictures gave it more justice but it was beautiful.
^^ everyone was getting their sniff on since they all had different scents
^^ even cuba stopped to smell the roses
 ^^ tanner wore his extremely appropriate shirt for the occasion
 ^^ caught cuba mid-yawn
you tired of all the rose pictures? i took a lot.. i really love flowers.  
we headed to the city after the gardens. tanner and taylor were out for our friends bachelor party the night before and brought a box of voodoo donuts back to the hotel for breakfast. we did get to go by the actual shop and i'm glad we didn't have to wait in line, but i snapped a photo anyway. they are probably better fresh because i didn't think they were anything special. they were delicious, but nothing special. we walked around downtown and worked up an appetite to stop at the food trucks. we opted on a middle eastern truck and got falafels and gyros. also got a coke to find out it was the GOOD coke made with sugar cane. honestly made my afternoon.. it tasted SO good for some reason. after lunch we headed to the temple to see our friends get married. it was a beautiful ceremony and i'm so happy for them. we headed back to idaho after their marriage and stopped in hood river for some dang good thai food. with full bellies, we got on the road around 10 at night to make the longggg drive to boise. we got home at 4 in the morning and crashed. 
^^ portland truly is weird. that's the perfect word for it

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  1. cuba is rad. and i LOVE those rose gardens, theyre beautiful. glad you got to enjoy them too. portland is rad, this made me miss it.


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