Saturday, February 27, 2016

and... we got pregnant // 8.15.15

 in august of last year, we decided to pursue our first round of fertility treatments and prepped ourselves (myself) for an IUI. i have the worst memory but if i remember correctly, i took some medication for a few days, gave myself three shots in my belly, gave myself a trigger shot in my belly, all while going in to the clinic in between for ultrasounds to see how things were going. i thought i was handling all the extra hormones really well until one day i called my mom and couldn't even speak because i was choked up crying... for really no reason. i couldn't pin point why i crying but figured it was just, everything. 

anyway, i went in for an ultrasound and they said to come back two days later on saturday morning for the actual insemination. the whole bringing in the semen thing is awkward. but for me, doing the deed at the clinic is more awkward. so saturday morning we got up early, did what we needed to do, drove downtown to drop it off than waited an hour. during that hour, we got a chai and walked around the city. it was early and not very many people were out. we've never taken the time to do that in our own city! i loved it. one of those special little moments that i just felt happy. we went back to the fertility clinic for the procedure and our nurse was the sweetest lady i've ever met. she was round and jolly and someone i just wanted to hug. so i did. she told us with the biggest smile that his sperm was magnificent! (sorry tan) the actual procedure was more uncomfortable than i expected and i found myself squeezing tanners hand really hard. then wala, we were done. we went back downtown for boise's saturday market and ended up seeing some friends so we spent most of the early afternoon hanging out with them. quite the perfect saturday if you ask me. i love mellow saturdays with nothing on the itenery.. besides trying to conceive ;) 

i tried to keep my mind busy for the next two weeks before i would go in to see if we got pregnant. i tried to tell myself that my boobs were always sensitive and that i'm always this bloated. a few days before i went to be tested, i was with some friends at lunch and they all knew about the procedure and were asking about it. they asked me if i felt pregnant and i said yes, but i didn't want to get my hopes up. right as we left the restaurant i said screw it, my boobs are never this sensitive and went to wal mart and bought a test. i had taken SO many tests over the last two years and would strain my eyes to imagine a second pink line. i can't tell you how many tests i would take out of the trash minutes, or hours later just to see if maybe i missed something. but! this blessed test had two pink lines show up right away. i think my eyes popped out of my head and i just started squealing! i thought i would cry, but i didn't. i was ridiculously happy! i called my mom right away and all i really said was, "finally!" she knew. 

i wanted to do something creative to tell tanner and i hadn't made dinner yet so i went to get a pizza from papa murpheys.  the idea was to write on the inside of the box "from one papa to another, congrats!" but tanner got home before i did and i didn't have time to write in it. so we ate.... and my mind was turning. i went upstairs and grabbed the test and put it in my bra. i asked tanner to go outside to take a picture of me for instagram (sounded realistic) and i tried doing a pregnancy pose but i was too nervous, i didn't know what i was doing. i just whipped out the test and smiled and he just said, really?! and we hugged and kissed. i went in a few days later to get my blood drawn and they confirmed the results a few hours later. it was my same jolly nurse who called me and she went on to tell me to expect multiples.. most likely two. i was like, what?! she said my blood count was triple the number it should have been at that point.. so during the next two weeks before our ultrasound i was trying to wrap my mind around having twins. 

when we arrived to our ultrasound, the screen was set up with baby A and baby B.. after looking around for few minutes my nurse just stopped and said she was stumped. she thought 100% we were having multiples but there was only one baby. she said no one in the clinic was going to believe her because my numbers were so high but trust me, i am more than A-OK with one baby.

it's kind of cool to know exactly when you conceived and have an accurate due date. as of now, we are due may 5th, cinco de mayo but i think i will have HER, sometime in aprili. yes, it's a girl and that is for a different post!



  1. BEST NEWS EVER! so excited for you guys. and that was a fun saturday :) you're a strong mama dar!!!

  2. Congratulations. That is so thrilling. I remember when my husband and I found out that we were going to have a child. It was the strangest time of our lives for us. We did no feel ready at all but we were so incredibly excited. It is this weird combination of not being prepared but being totally and completely ready.

    Margie Day @ Reproductive Wellness


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