Sunday, March 13, 2016

china // xian

 the rest of our time in china was mostly spent visiting manufacturers for proof but we had a few days to do some touristy stuff. while we were in xian we got to go see the terracotta warriors. it was way cooler than i expected it to be. there were football fields of the soldiers that had been uncovered and i was impressed by the condition they were in. a lot of it was ruined, but it was impressive to see what they were able to restore. every single piece was life-size and different. no two soldiers were the same and there were thousands. the story is that a farmer was digging to build a well but struck some of the pottery in 1974 so it hasn't been around that long. there were a few rooms to show what they have uncovered so far and there is still so much to be discovered. i remember it was pouring rain all day and we ate at mcdonalds for lunch because for some reason, whenever we travel i need to eat at a mcdonalds at least once to have something familiar. i loved the authentic food but seriously, that big mac and fries tasted soooo good. 


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