Sunday, March 13, 2016

hong kong

 back in early november, we took another international flight to china. after ivory passed away, i vowed that if i were to get pregnant again, i would stay put and not do anything that could interfere with a safe pregnancy. then i realized i couldn't live life that way so why not take two separate flights to the other side of the world instead? i was around 15 weeks when we left on this trip and i was hopeful i would be over my all day 'morning sickness.' i wasn't. on the flight there, i threw up 5 times. turbulence, tight spaces, and airplane food did not sit well with me. i had thought more than once that i should have stayed home. i went with tanner to china over a year ago and didn't like it so i'm not really sure why i decided to go again. but i was glad i did go again because i really liked it this time, even with the fatigue and sickness. i loved all the food (surprisingly?!) and the sights we got to see. i know that technically hong kong is not china, so i apologize when i refer to it as a part of china. i really liked hong kong! our hotel room was insanely teeny tiny and we were sharing with an employee from proof. our two beds were about three feet from each other with a little toilet in between them and that was literally the whole room. we were only there to sleep so it was fine. we were in hong kong for an optical show but had some free time to see the city. we first went to an area where we had a cool view of hong kongs skyline and then later that day we went to the budha. we ended the day with the light show on the water front. as always with my traveling life, it was a quick stop in hong kong before we went into china. i liked how modern and clean the city was and almost everything was translated in english which was super helpful. 


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